Clinton author finds her way in print with ‘Callum’s Compass’

On Saturday, Nov. 4, Sara Foust presented her book to family and friends at the Historic Grove Theater/High Places Church in Oak Ridge.
An Anderson County High School Alumni, and Clinton resident, has taken the hopeful leap into the world of creative writing by releasing her first piece of contemporary inspirational romantic suspense to the public.

Sara Foust, mother of five, created a fictional world about a wildlife biologist who finds love and her faith in God in the least likely of places while exploring scenery that is based in East Tennessee.

The inspiration behind Foust’s novel, “Callum’s Compass,” comes from a range of sources including her childhood memories of her grandfather conducting scavenger hunts for her and her cousins, the bold legend of the Briceville mountain lion sightings in the past, and speaking to God through prayer.

After months of preparation and determination, Mantlerock Publishing, a Christian family-owned publishing company out of Kentucky made Foust’s dream of becoming a novelist a reality with the motivation stemming — for the majority —from her cousin Becky from Texas.

Foust states, “She (Becky) is the one who said ‘you can do this’. Every time I started second guessing myself, she was the one who told me that I was doing great and to keep going.”

Foust speaks about her passion for writing by saying, “Writing is who I am.”

With the first plunge of securing a publisher and a market for her novel, she has moved forward with “Callum’s Compass” by selling copies of this inspirational story at local events.

On Saturday, Nov. 4, Foust presented her book to family and friends at the Historic Grove Theater/High Places Church in Oak Ridge before its official release date, Nov. 7.

The festivities at the theater included watching Peter Pan on the big screen, silent auctions of goods and gift baskets, and selling pre-ordered copies of her book.

All the proceeds from the event Saturday went towards a mission trip to the Philippines with her family’s church in May.

As of Nov. 7, “Callum’s Compass” will be available for purchase as a Kindle Ebook for $3.99, or a printed copy for $13.99 through Amazon.

For those who purchase “Callum’s Compass” and want more of the story, look for the second book to the “Love, Hope, and Faith” trilogy next summer followed by the third book in 2019.

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