Anderson County Schools receive Best Appreciation Program Award from Utrust

Anderson County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tim Parrott holds an award for “Best Employee Appreciation Program in East Tennessee. Pictured with Dr. Parrott is Utrust Administrator Dr. Dan Tollett.
Anderson County Schools received an award for the Best Employee Appreciation Program in East Tennessee at a statewide meeting of superintendents and school board members in Nashville.

The Utrust award was presented to Anderson County Superintendent Dr. Tim Parrott.

The award carries with it $100 for each school in the county.

“Anderson County has done an exceptional job of making its employees feel appreciated,” said Utrust administrator Dr. Dan Tollett. Superintendent Parrott and System Coordinator, Pam Crawford have provided excellent leadership in getting each of their schools and the students in those schools involved in recognizing and expressing appreciation to employees.

Dr. Tim Parrott said, “We value each employee of Anderson County Schools and we try to treat every one them like family. Each employee in our school system does an important job that helps to make our schools good places for the children in our county to learn and grow,” Dr. Tim Parrott continued. “We do our best to show our employees that that they are deeply appreciated.”

Parrott added, “While appreciating our employees is essential, we think it’s also very important that students learn to recognize and appreciate those who do things for them. Each of our schools has a student A-Team (A for Appreciation) that plans special appreciation days for each group of our employees. And, we have a student G-Force (G for gratitude) in each school working to build an attitude of gratitude in their school.”

Utrust is a statewide organization that sponsors the School Employee Appreciation Program that helps students recognize and express appreciation to school employees who do things to make their lives better.

Utrust also promotes excellence in employee relations and administers unemployment compensation for local school boards in Tennessee.