Additional parking targeted for Clinton Elementary School

The Clinton City Council voted Monday to approve an agreement with the Clinton City Schools to purchase land on 212 Marshall Street to be used as a parking lot for the school system.

“We’re dependent on other people’s courtesy with parking,” said Kelly Johnson, Clinton City Schools Director, to Clinton City Council, explaining the school district’s need for more parking space.

In the last few years, the school district has hosted more night activities for students and their families. As a result, the parking lot in the St. Mark Methodist Church across the street becomes filled to the brink on nights when the school is hosting an after-school event, and it has, at times, interfered with the church’s activities, Johnson said.

“It would be in our best interest to secure our own land,” said Johnson.

As it turns out, there is a lot currently available behind Clinton Elementary School.

The lot is located on 212 Marshall Street, and has a house on it.

The school would have to demolish the house, Johnson said.

“We’re not able to secure property on our own, so we’re asking the City of Clinton to secure it for us and the schools reimburse the City for purchasing the land for us,” she explained.

“How many parking spaces do you plan on gaining with this purchase?” asked Clinton City Mayor Scott Burton.

“Well over 100, but I don’t have any specifics yet,” Johnson replied.

Clinton City Council unanimously voted to pass the motion granting Johnson’s request.