Reminding students to drive safe (and sober)

ACHS Senior Austin Miller drives a golf cart with DUI simulation goggles. Miller was one of several ACHS students who participated on Friday, April 21, in the DUI Simulation event at ACHS. Pictured with Miller is ACSD deputy Sean Bannach.
Drive safe.

Drive sober.

As many as 700 students — grades 9 through 12 — participated in a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) simulation event co-hosted by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department School Resource Unit, Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention of Anderson County (ASAP), and Anderson County Schools.

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Bridge Academy students take JTG’s message to Nashville

Bridge Academy students from Mr. Estle Muncy’s Jobs for Tennessee Graduates (JTG) class at Anderson County Career and Technical Center (ACCTC) visited lawmakers in Nashville to speak in favor of the JTG curriculum — an elective class which helps prepare studdents for post-secondary education, a meaningful career, and a productive adulthood.

As student Destiney Arwood says, “JTG teaches us things that math, English, science, and history can’t. It teaches us to prepare for our future, like getting a job, making the perfect resume, getting along with others, communication, teamwork, being able to present in front of a crowd, and being creative.”

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