County will get some use from 205 Main before Tuesday’s deadline

Anderson County has found use for the 205 Main building.

It is, however, temporary, and it will not interfere with the April 2 deadline for opening bids on the property.

County Commission approved the Sheriffs Office request to shift funds from its undesignated fund balance to cover the cost of prepping 10 new patrol cars so the department may expedite getting those vehicles on the road.

The Sheriff’s Office made a request to use the garage bays at 205 Main to complete that work because a “sheltered” area is needed and that’s available.

Commission agreed with stipulations that items in the garage bay area be moved — District Five Commissioner Robert McKamey pointed out there some items belonging to the Senior Center stored at the location — and that area be properly ventilated during the work.

Anderson County Sheriff Russell Barker assured Commission all concerns would be taken care of and his maintenance people would be complete before the April 2 deadline.