‘Mr. Wade’ retires from Norris Elementary

  • One last goodbye from the Norris Elementary School staff.

Meet Wade Burris.

Congratulations go to him on his retirement.

Wade was employed with Anderson County Schools for 21 years.

He worked at Clinton Middle for three years, and spent the last 18 years at Norris Elementary.

Everyone at Norris Elementary will miss you, but we are excited about your new journey.

We can’t tell you how much we’ve enjoyed working alongside you. You have always been a helping hand, a Mr. Fix-It, and empathetic co-worker, a friend. You have truly made an impact on many children’s lives.

We all look back at our time working together fondly.

You were there helping during big school dinners, making sure everything was ready to go every morning, taking a minute to tie a little one’s shoes, taking a coffee break together, or a quick chat in the hallway on a busy day.

We have enjoyed getting to know you and working alongside you to make sure our little school is ready for every student every day.

We wish you the best in your future endeavors. Please keep in touch as you go into your retirement.

Thank you, Wade, for all you have done for everyone while working with Anderson County Schools.

We love you and will miss you more.