County EMS continues to be vigilant during COVID-19 pandemic

Anderson County EMS continues to be vigilant in our response and preparation to COVID-19.

We are constantly monitoring and evaluating the threat and potential impact.

We are now monitoring regional hospital bed capacity on a daily basis, and we are in consistent communication with the state EMS office, relaying information and discussing the needs our agency has.

Our business office is still available by phone; should there be a need please call 865-457-8609. Our business office is operating at normal business hours, 8 am. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Anderson County EMS continues to meet all ambulance service needs at this time.

We continue to work with the other healthcare facilities in Anderson County to develop and prepare for worsening situations, hoping they don’t come, but being prepared for when they do.

We do anticipate an increased workload on our staff, but are currently seeing an overall drop in our emergency responses.

It is difficult to prepare for such situations. The preparation for resources and stock needed are usually cost prohibitive until such an event occurs and requires it.

That being said, all of our staff is ready and willing to meet the needs of our community.

Many thanks to the county commissioners who have diligently worked to help provide supplies and resources. The ingenuity and innovative mindset are a true testament to the men and women who live in our great county.

We currently have most of the PPE that is needed to continue to respond and meet the need of this pandemic, and we continue to seek out the equipment for purchase from multiple vendors to ensure we do not run out of supplies.

Special recognition to Commissioners Tim Isbel and Catherine Denenberg who are working to build reusable face shields for our providers, as this is one of the hardest supplies for us to get at this moment. Commissioner Denenberg is also working to make gowns as an emergency back-up should our supply run out.

In addition, Commissioner Rick Meredith is working with local businesses to support first responders in the county.

We are not currently at “critical” levels for PPE, we have the supplies on hand to keep our providers safe from this virus, and are working hard to keep it that way.

That is subject to change based on supply chains and call volume demand for usage.