Possible glitch comes to light concerning Senior Center

At the end of Thursday’s Anderson County operations committee meeting, District 3 Commissioner Josh Anderson brought up a matter under new business that was in response to an email sent out by County Law Director Jay Yeager.

The email from Yeager, sent the day before the meeting, said that the landlord of the senior center, Teresa Portwood, has a buyer for the existing senior center.

“When the sale is finalized she will let me know and we will have until Jan. 1, 2019, to vacate the premises,” the email read.

“So there’s no option for us to continue the lease under the new buyer?” Anderson asked during the meeting.

Yeager responded that he had not heard anything new, but as soon as he hears something from Portwood, he would let the commissioners know.

“What she said to us yesterday is the possibility that it may be sold,” he said. “She was looking at Jan. 1. We don’t know that; it may fall through but we wish her the best of luck. She’s been a great landlord. As many things as we’ve had to change with her and that she’s tolerated…It’s been a good deal with Mrs. Portwood.”

He said that even if this current offer falls through, there would be another one, since it’s being marketed.

“We need to have somewhere for our seniors to go,” he said.

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Possible gas explosion in city

Possible gas explosion in city
At approximately 12:39 p.m. Monday, Clinton Police officers were dispatched to a possible gas explosion at 1624 Hidden Hill Drive in Clinton. Upon their arrival, officers observed significant property damage. The homeowner was present during the explosion and received minor injuries. He was transported to a local hospital for evaluation. Preliminary reports indicate the homeowner was lighting a gas insert inside the home which caused the explosion. In addition to the Clinton department, Marlow Volunteer Fire Department and Powell Clinch Utility District were on the scene. — Submitted

Changing Commission meeting time discussed

The Anderson County Board of Commissioners operations committee met on Thursday to discuss multiple items, including potentially moving public commission meetings to the middle of the day. Other items included discussion on courthouse security and an issue with the current senior center.

County clerk Jeff Cole spoke to the commissioners in attendance — Tim Isbel, Steve Mead, Robert McKamey, Phil Yager, Robert Jameson and Josh Anderson — and wanted to “throw out” the idea of moving meetings to the day.

“I think it’s worth talking about,” Cole said.

Cole asserted that, when commission held daytime quarterly meetings in the past, more people in the courthouse were able to attend. It got the department heads there, which allowed them more input on the meetings.

Anderson County Mayor Terry Frank agreed.

“I love the idea of going back to quarterly meetings,” she said.

She said she spoke on behalf of the people that work inside government.

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Sheriff’s Office recognizes program graduates

In October, Anderson County Sheriff Russell Barker, Alternatives to Incarceration Director, Mary Ann Young, and Anderson County Detention Facility staff celebrated the graduation of men and women who completed the Detention Facility’s Moral Reconation Therapy program.

Their graduation was a result of successful completion of curriculum covering topics such as: Parenting and Family Values, Coping with Anger, Thinking for Good (addressing criminal thinking), Untangling Relationships (recognizing unhealthy relationships and how to avoid them), and Staying Quit (substance abuse relapse prevention).

The graduates were addressed by guest speaker, General Sessions Judge, Don Layton.

This program, along with many others at the facility, is designed to equip inmates with life skills that will help them once released from custody.

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Following Monday’s possible gas leak, utility gives tips on what to look for, do

An explosion occurred at 1624 Hidden Hills Drive in Clinton Monday afternoon. The incident, which appears to have involved a garage attached to the home, was isolated and is being investigated by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department. Powell Clinch Utility District is assisting officials with the investigation and at this point can make no further comment until results of the investigation are known.

Powell Clinch Utility District provides 24/7 emergency response. A distinctive rotten egg odor is added to natural gas so that a gas leak can be easily recognized. Should you ever detect this odor evacuate the area and please call Powell Clinch Utility District immediately at (865) 426-2822 or (423) 562-2795.

In the fall of each year Powell Clinch Utility District offers free lighting of gas equipment pilot lights and a safety inspection. PCUD strongly encourage that all customers take advantage of this complementary service. Please contact Powell Clinch Utility District for further information regarding the Free Fall Light Up service.