Illogical, deceptive, far-fetched

Writer responds to letter


In his angry often snarky letter, Mr Samuel T. Foust presents a litany or “Foustian” mountain of illogical, deceptive, and farfetched GOP arguments in opposition to our newly, duly elected president.

The American people to the consternation of the GOP overwhelmingly support President Biden at levels never attained by The Orange One.

Firstly, Mr. Foust points to recent gas price increases and grocery bills. This hasty generalization overlooks the oil cartel control that exists nationally and internationally.

Through formal or informal nefarious agreements to raise prices, and or to reduce output in order to increase profits, normal price setting mechanisms do not work. This practice harms consumers because it makes the product unavailable or overly expensive.

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Prevention is larger


The headline for the March 31 (2021) edition of this newspaper read “Eight men face charges of sex trafficking involving minors – Another charged with patronizing prostitution.”

The article stated, “They were arrested following a two-day undercover investigation of men accused of seeking illegal sex from minors.”

Eight men, ranging from 26 to 55, responded to decoy advertisements online with a website known to be associated with commercial sex acts with minors.”

Let the stark reality of their heinous (alleged) crimes sink in for a minute. Adult men were seeking sexual conduct with minors!

In Tennessee, and most of the United States, this is a serious felony punishable by imprisonment and monitoring as a sex offender for the rest of their lives.

Worse yet is the physical and mental damage to the victims. Most victims never fully recover from these horrible acts and some commit similar crimes in adulthood.

These men are a small fraction of individuals seeking to commit or actually committing child sexual exploitation in our communities.

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In response: The GOP needs the reality check


In response to Mr. Samuel Foust, I must say that I believe the Republicans are the ones who need a “reality check.”

Many of his statements are just “pants on fire” wrong.

First, Joe Biden won the 2020 election by about 7 million votes. Mr. Foust should not continue to echo the BIG LIE that the election was fraudulent. I might add that both Republican Senators Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty have also failed to acknowledge publicly that Joe Biden won fair and square.

They should both be ashamed because they know better.

Yes, President Biden wants to raise taxes on corporations to fund his desperately needed infrastructure plan. The “reality” is that the corporate tax rate was 35-percent until the Trump tax cuts lowered it to 21-percent.

Biden is proposing a rate of 28-percent which is quite reasonable.

Most Americans agree that corporations should not be allowed to pay NO TAXES and should be willing to pay their fair share.

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