Stop crying and play baseball

The Major League Baseball All-Star Game is just around the corner as the Mid-Summer Classic approaches, I’m reminded it is impossible to please everyone.

Let’s be honest: It’s almost impossible to please anyone, especially when it comes to selecting All-Stars.

With the announcement of All-Stars selected by fan and player votes on Sunday came the inevitable roll call of so-called snubs — the players who deserved to be named to the All-Star team but were not.

Perhaps the biggest snub was Blake Snell, starting pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Snell currently leads the American League with a 2.09 ERA and is tied for second in wins with 12.

A 12-4 record, a sparkling ERA, and 132 strikeouts and we’re not even to the All-Star break yet — yes, he is deserving of All-Star status.

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Jonesing for a celebrity news fix

Every once in awhile I just need a celebrity news fix.

You know, mindless stuff that doesn’t mean anything.

Though I did learn quite a bit while perusing the internet for my yearly celebrity news input.

I know who Justin Bieber is. He’s the guy who tweeted that hockey is the only “real men’” sport — something like that.

First off, never tweet anything about “real men.” They will punish you and make you weep.

Tweeting the words “real men” is … It should be criminal.

It’s like saying you’re a real man because you like getting made fun of. Like now.

Anyway, Mr. Bieber is apparently engaged to someone called Hailey Baldwin.

I had to look up who Ms. Baldwin is. She is the daughter of Stephen Baldwin. I had to look up Stephen Baldwin, too.

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Formal invitation sent: Let’s see what happens

On Friday, June 22, 2018, the City of Oak Ridge sent a formal invitation to Secretary of Energy Rick Perry and Under Secretary of Energy Lisa Gordon-Hagerty for a reunion of the historically African American neighborhood of Scarboro in Oak Ridge at the end of this month.

Many thanks to Mayor Warren Gooch, Mayor Pro Tem Rick Chinn, City Manager Mark Watson, and the Oak Ridge city staff for taking this bold step to recognize some truly great Americans.

The city’s invitation will give the Secretary and Under Secretary an opportunity to honor a group of forgotten American patriots.

Two years ago, DOE’s Office of Science announced plans to slash the size of the American Museum of Science and Energy and all but abandon the Scarboro Story.

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Personal connection reminds me of guns, deaths

We talked nearly every day for a year about the subjects of our editorials. Gerald Fischman was the editorial writer for The Carroll County Times in Westminster, Maryland, when I arrived in December 1989 as the new editor.

I paid little attention last week to the news about deaths and shootings at The Capitol Gazette in Annapolis – beyond noting that I had been to the paper’s office three or four times during my short stint in Westminster. Gerald was one of the five who died.

You can’t work for a newspaper for long before wondering why people don’t more often charge through the front door with guns blazing.

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