Student had ‘great opportunites’ at CMS


My name is Shane Miller. I am currently an 8th grade student at Clinton Middle School. I recently became aware of the plan to possibly build a middle school for Clinton City students.

This proposed middle school would be built next to the current Clinton Middle School. City zoned children would attend the city middle school and county children would continue to attend what is now Clinton Middle School.

These neighbors would not get the opportunity to meet in the classroom until high school.

I decided that I would share the story of my transition to middle school and how it was important for me to make the decision to attend Clinton Middle School in 6th grade and blend with my peers at the earliest opportunity.

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Thank you to all


The Antique Merchants Guild of Clinton would like to thank all who helped make the 14th Annual Clinch River Spring Antique Fair a success.

The Fair would not have been possible without support from the City of Clinton, Clinton Police Department and Clinton Parks and Recreation plus a very special thanks to our long time sponsors, Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge and The Community Bank of East Tennessee.

Friday’s kick-off party had wonderful music provided by Wild Blue Yonder and delicious food by local food trucks to keep us partying all night long. A fitting start to Saturday’s Antiques Fair began with a “Presentation of Colors” at 9 am by the Anderson County High School Navy Junior ROTC and an introduction from retired Army veteran Jason Deel of JD’s Auction in Clinton. Thank you Chief Allen Davis, the ROTC Cadets and JD for a fitting start to this year’s Show. We would also like to thank the Clinton chapter of the Antique Automobile Club of America for the display of antique vehicles during the event on Saturday.

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Honoring Scarboro’s role in DOE’s ground-breaking school desegregation


Honoring Scarboro’s Role in DOE’s Ground-Breaking School Desegregation

This summer, the Department of Energy has an opportunity to say “thank you” to a group of important Americans, the residents of the historically African American neighborhood of Scarboro in Oak Ridge.

The neighborhood of Scarboro was created by the DOE nuclear complex in the late 1940s to house many of its African American workers, who labored around-the-clock to help America win World War II.

In 1955, the department — who still owned and managed the city of Oak Ridge — desegregated the Oak Ridge public school system. This was the first public school system in the South to take this bold step.

Imagine their courage, as African American students walked into the previously all-white classrooms for the first time. Imagine the courage of their Scarboro parents, allowing their children to enter such an uncertain environment.

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Use this gift wisely

Ken Leinart’s Into the Light

I had a discussion with a co-worker about Memorial Day many years ago.

We had a difference of opinion on the importance of the day.

I listened, but I didn’t really say much of anything to rebuke his “concept” of how the day should be spent on reflection of the enormous costs paid for the liberties and freedoms we have in this country.

Our country.

So, short and sweet, I’ll say only this: Memorial Day is a time to thank and remember those for securing the gift of living in a free society — a society that allows each and every one of us the opportunity to make a difference.

If we so choose to do so.

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