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Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,

What on earth is going on? The truth is breaking out in droves from the most unlikely of sources. Kudos to G. Chambers Williams III of The Courier News for renewing my faith in journalism. In his article “Going Up,” he stated in regard to Norris raising fees on trash collection, “Ledford cited diesel-fuel prices and the Consumer Price Index, which both have increased dramatically since President Biden took office in January 2021.” Mr. Williams deserves a Pulitzer Prize for having the courage to tell the truth. Kudos to Mr. Williams for his intellectual honesty and courage.

Today, NPR is having a meltdown due to Senior Business Editor Uri Berliner’s recent article “I’ve Been at NPR for 25 Years. Here’s How We Lost America’s Trust” stating that NPR “veered toward efforts to damage or topple Trump’s presidency.” In other words, over time, NPR descended into an environment whereby its employees tried to make the news rather than report the news.

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