The makings of a perfect day

Audrey Barton, 6, and sister Lydia, 2, of Norris - Tony Cox
Audrey Barton, 6, and sister Lydia, 2, of Norris take advantage of a break in antique shopping to enjoy some nachos at the 19th Annual Clinch River Antique Festival in Historic Downtown Clinton last Saturday. Cool weather and sunny skies in the afternoon made for a clasic fall day in East Tennessee.

Rehabilitation animals and rehabilitating people

Innovative program uses unique resource for work at Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue

Three baby deer all huddle together in the sanctuary. These will be part of the second group of deer released by TWRA. - Collin Riggs
Five miles outside the Clinton city limits, running parallel to the railroad tracks, sits the Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue Center.

Well-known in Clinton, the little zoo and rescue center achieved nonprofit status in 2011. In 2017, though, it was the subject of tragedy when a fire swept through the visitors center, destroying it and killing a number of animals.

The community rallied around the little zoo, though, and through donations from across the community, including several from companies around the city, Little Ponderosa rebuilt the visitors center bigger and better than ever.

Del-Air donated eight HVAC units, and Copeland Electrical did all the wiring and electrical work throughout.

Since that dark day, the zoo has been on an upward trajectory, expanding further out and rescuing even more animals.

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TVA issues water traffic caution for Norris Lake

The Tennessee Valley Authority has issued a water traffic caution during transmission line work on the Norris-McCreary fiber line at multiple locations crossing Norris Lake.

Crews will be working on the transmission line beginning 7 a.m. each day on Wednesday, Oct. 16, through Sunday, Oct. 20.

Water crossings include the area near and upstream of Twin Cove Marina. Crews will be working crossings in inlets near the state boat ramp just north of Norris Dam State Park and near Mountain Lake Marina.

Watercraft operators should avoid the area or take extra precautions. Safety boats will be in place.

Everyone in the area should heed warnings of the safety patrol boats and personnel that will be on patrol in the area.

Marine channels 13, 16 and 81 will be monitored by the safety boats.

Proper stretching techniques aid more than athletes

Stretching is a good way for athletes to warm their muscles up and work on flexibility and range of motion.

But it’s also good for the everyday man (adults included).

Unfortunately, although a lot of people do “stretch” every day, like when they wake up in the morning, they’re not doing it in a way that gives them any clear clinical benefit. Worse, if one looks online, they’re likely to find a dozen different sources contradicting one another on the proper way one should stretch.

Old-fashioned stretching is called static stretching.

Think the old-fashioned sitting on the ground and trying to touch your toes stretches from gym class. It allows one to control the tension and hold the muscle contracted.

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City announces leaf collection schedule

Pick ups start Oct. 21 and run through Jan. 13, 2020

The City of Clinton Public Works Department is announcing the 2019 Leaf Collection Schedule.

The city is zoned into four service areas, with each area receiving three leaf collections. The collection dates are approximately one month apart.

In order for collections to be made, leaves must be at the curbside before the scheduled Monday collection date. Leaves should normally be collected within four days of the date shown.

In past years there have been problems with leaves being placed in the street, on sidewalks, and in drainage ditches. Leaves should be piled near the curb or ditch line, on your property, and no closer. When leaves are placed in the street and in ditches, rain carries them into our storm water drains and catch basins, adding to drainage and flooding problems.

Leaves placed in the street obstruct traffic, and leaves placed on sidewalks create a hazard for pedestrians. Leaves may be bagged and left at the curbside for collection on the scheduled days.

It is a violation of Clinton City Ordinances 16-106 and 16-107 to place leaves in the street or in drainage curb/gutters and ditches. The Codes Enforcement Department has been asked to help enforce these ordinances. If leaves are left in violation of the ordinances, they will not be collected until a correction is made through Codes Enforcement. Cooperation with this ongoing problem is needed and will be greatly appreciated.

Also, please do not combine brush with leaves, as equipment will not be able to collect them from the same pile.

If you desire to have leaves removed on dates other than what is shown on the schedule, you should bag them and place them at the curbside with your household garbage for Waste Connections to collect.

Waste Connections will collect a total of the equivalent of four, 32-gallon, containers from each household, whether leaves, household trash, or a combination.

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PHOTOS: Mustangs and muscle cars invade Ray Varner Ford

The 26th Annual Tennessee Valley Mustang Club All Ford Car Show was held at Ray Varner Ford on Saturday.
The Tennessee Valley Mustang Club held its 26th Annual All Ford Car Show at Ray Varner Ford on Saturday, October 19. Wikipedia states that the 2-seater Mustang concept car was introduced to the world in 1962 and was followed by the Mustang II, a 4-seat concept version, in 1963. According to, the Mustang was officially unveiled in Flushing, New York during the 1964 World's Fair.