Kuhens named ‘Teach of the Year’ at CMS

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Clinton Middle congratulates Olivia Kuhens as Teacher of the Year

By Catherine Meredith, Emilee Metcalf, Kira Murphy, and Tara Pickel

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for….the Teacher of the Year has been chosen.

And the award went to….Eighth grade English teacher, Olivia Kuhens

We recently interviewed her.

Here is what she had to say:

What does it mean to be Teacher of the Year?

“I feel like it means I’ve been doing my job day in and day out like we all do, and that people have noticed.

“They haven’t noticed that I am doing my job BETTER than they are -- this is a building full of rock stars -- but they have noticed that I am doing it to their high standards and meeting the expectations that CMCCA has for its teachers.”

How does it feel?

“It’s a super crazy feeling knowing that other teachers -- your peers, the ones who do the exact same thing you do all day -- have chosen you as the person to represent what we do in this building, what the verb ‘teach’ really means.”

Why do you teach?

“I am here on this planet to serve. I don’t know a better way to serve a community than to invest in the people who are going to be in charge someday.

“No other occupation directly affects all other occupations -- we teach people to BE everything else, and it’s humbling to think I’m a teeny tiny slice of all my students’ lives and who they become.”

Best part about teaching here?

“Being on a cross-curricular team. It’s so good to be with people who are different from me. I learn from my coworkers every day, and it’s great that we know every single young person in this grade and are brought into them. I love my team, and I love the students we serve.”

Congratulations, Mrs. Kuhens! Keep on rocking!

HAWKS Celebration recognizes students and teachers

By Jackson Brewer, Jacen Pride, Tanyan Pollard, and Ethan Slaven

We recently had another celebration for the end of the second quarter! On this day, we celebrated the accomplishments of the students.

They received awards for the school wide 40 Book Challenge, Perfect Attendance, Honor Roll, and more.

We even had teachers read out some compliments they had for students as part of a series called “Caught Doing Good.”

This time around, Mrs. Mary Hatmaker received a special prize from the other teachers for doing “good”

Mr. Hatmaker said, “I feel it was good because the compliments come from my peers.”

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