Roberts takes over Erb Agency

David Erb
Clinton’s Allstate Insurance has a new owner.

But don’t worry — you’re still in good hands.

David Erb, who owned the Erb Agency on Charles Seiver Blvd., has partnered up with Bradley Roberts. Roberts has an existing agency in Oak Ridge and has rebranded the Clinton office as the Bradley Roberts Insurance Group.

While Erb is still in the Clinton office, he now gets to focus on what he loves.

“David approached me last year about potentially taking over the Clinton office,” Roberts said. “He wanted to focus on the life and retirement side of the business. We look at it as more of a partnership than anything else.”

And while Erb’s focus career-wise can now be sharpened, his life outside of work can get a little more attention, too. That includes his work on Milly’s Wings, a nonprofit he and his wife, Natalie, set up when their daughter Amelia passed away three years ago.

Milly’s Wings was the original catalyst behind the new inclusive playground in the works for South Clinton.

The Erbs originally tried a number of locations, including one in Norris, for the project, but none seemed to work out.

Then, when the City of Clinton and Stephen and Christina McNally got involved, things took off.

Not only did they raise enough money to build the playground, they received enough to start a fund that would offer grants to other communities that want to build inclusive playgrounds.

Erb is also the Vice President of the board of directors for Alzheimer’s of Tennessee, a board member and treasurer of the National Organization of Disorders of the Corpus Callosum — which is an organization for people that had the condition his daughter had — and is on the board of directors for the National Association of Professional Allstate Agents. He also serves on the Boys and Girls Club of North Anderson County.

Roberts said that Erb is more of the networker and he is more of a behind-the-scenes process-oriented type of guy.

Roberts will focus on things like home and auto insurance while Erb focuses solely on financial services.

“We’re a full service insurance company,” Erb said.

“We’re protecting your family if anything happens. I’ve been doing this for going on 28 years. I do love it.”