Clinton City School’s ‘Helping Hands’

Clinton City students lend a “helping hand” to the new South Clinton Inclusive Playground
There is a great amount of excitement among Clinton City students about the new South Clinton Inclusive Playground that is scheduled to begin construction this spring. Students across all three schools wanted to lend a “helping hand” to contribute to this community project. On Friday, February 15, students brought donations towards the project and helped build a school-wide Helping Hand Tree. For every dollar donated, students wrote their name on a green hand which was placed on the tree. By the end of the day, the trees at all three schools were full of fluffy, green leaves! Clinton City Students donated approximately $860 dollars towards the playground. The new inclusive playground will allow all children to play, regardless of their disability. When CCS students visit the playground, they will feel pride knowing that they helped contribute to this wonderful playground experience. Every child deserves to play, and we are proud of CCS students for helping make this dream a reality!