Dismayed over Byrd’s appointment


Like millions of people across Tennessee and the nation I’m dismayed at the past behavior of State Representative David Byrd and the present behavior of House Speaker Glen Casada.

Byrd is very credibly accused of molesting young girls formerly at the public school where he taught.

The women who have brought these accusations have done so at great cost to themselves. Reports have it that they are now ostracized from their community, which strongly supports Byrd.

While it is true that in some cases accusations turn out to be false, history shows us that the great majority of such claims are factual.

In this case, one of the women even has Byrd’s apology on tape. Even so, Byrd continues to deny all wrongdoing.

Calls for Byrd’s censure have been made by many, including some top Republicans. Even so, Casada continues to defend him.

As Casada rightly points out Byrd has yet to be convicted of any crime.

Even so, why place Byrd as Chair of the Education Subcommittee, of all things? That just seems like a sharp stick in the eye of anybody who was ever sexually abused. What are students to think?

Will the schools now vigorously investigate their claims?

Can any student now be confident those in power will do the right thing when the time comes?

I’m guessing most students will be less confident, not more.

Jack Tuberville