EMS Director asked to explain transfer for ‘linen service’

Anderson County Emergency Services Director Nathan Sweet was called in front of Anderson County Commission Monday during its monthly session to explain the reasoning behind a fund transfer he had requested.

Sweet had asked that $20,000-plus his department received in an insurance settlement stemming from an accident involving an ambulance and another party be split into two accounts: One for vehicle maintenance (almost $12,000), and another for linen service (roughly $8,000).

Sweet told commission the ambulance service changes the linens in the vehicle after every use and that this year the service has gone beyond what he had budgeted. The $8,000, he noted, should make up for the shortfall for the remainder of the fiscal year.

The ambulance in question was involved in an accident — through no fault of the EMS service — and was given a $20,000-plus settlement.

District Seven Commissioner Theresa Scott questioned the request, saying the insurance settlement was not a windfall and the funds should be used for what it was intended for.

“It would be like me getting an insurance settlement and taking money and buying my family dinner and getting a new pair of shoes,” she told Sweet.

District Six Commissioner Steve Meade took exception. “My understanding the ambulance involved in the accident was due to be replaced anyway,” he said.

Anderson County Attorney Jay Yeager told Commission the request was not illegal and that questions regarding the use of the funds for linen service is, “A judgement call rather than a legal issue.”

The request passed Commission 13-2 with Scott and fellow District Seven Commissioner Phil Yager voting against the request.

District Three Commissioner Denver Waddell was not present at Monday’s meeting.