‘Buy - bust’ nets three arrests in Oliver Springs

Two men and a woman were arrested Thursday, March 28, when they attempted to flee a “buy - bust” sting by the 7th Judicial District Crime Task Force in Oliver Springs.

It had been arranged by the task force for Sherry Baker to deliver a quarter ounce of methamphetamine to the parking lot of Food City in Oliver Springs to an undercover agent.

Upon arrival, agents were able to apprehend Baker, however, Eddie Kilby, Morgan County, the driver of the vehicle Baker arrived in, and another passenger, Charles Kimblin, Oliver Springs, were able to maneuver around agents in a vehicle and fled the scene.

Oliver Springs Police Department initiated a pursuit since Kilby put agents attempting to apprehend them in “real and significant danger of serious bodily harm” as they eluded capture.

Oliver Springs Police Department, with the assistance of several other agencies that included Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, Roane County Sheriff’s Office, and the 9th Judicial District Drug Task Force assisted in the pursuit.

During the pursuit, Kilby attempted to run an Oliver Springs Police vehicle off the road by ramming it. Due to the danger that Kilby posed by fleeing, Capt. David Laxion of Oliver Springs Police Department executed a P.I.T. (Pursuit Intervention Technique) maneuver to safely end the pursuit, allowing for the arrest of the two men in teh vehicle and the recovery of the methamphetamine that was to be sold to the undercover agent.

Chief Kenny Morgan of the Oliver Springs Police Department noted, “The interagency cooperation to safely apprehend all the suspects involved was outstanding. Everyone involved performed exceptionally.”

The three subjects who were arrested were charged with various crimes to include but, not limited to manufacture, delivery, sale, possession of a Schedule II substance, criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault, and various traffic violations.

The 7th Judicial Crime Task Force is a multi-jurisdictional task force comprised of the 7th Judicial District Attorney General’s Office, Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, Clinton Police Department, Oak Ridge Police Department, Oliver Springs Police Department, and Rocky Top Police Department. The Crime Task Force focuses on drug and violent crimes.

The task force is currently led by Director Simon Byrne.

All weights, counts, and identity of substances are pending the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations crime lab results. Charges are pending at this time.