Something should be done


On Dec. 11, 2017, a man hit my husband’s golf cart that he was in on West Wolf Valley Road.

My husband came to lying in the middle of the road. He had a concussion and was taken to the University of Tennessee Hospital.

This man did not stop, but within a half mile, wrecked, hitting a utility pole, overturning the vehicle that he was driving, witnesses saw him climb out of the vehicle and take off running.

It took the police nine days to find him, with us calling every day telling them where to find him.

They had a warrant out for violation of parole on him, that’s why he ran. And, we understood that Union County had a warrant out on him also.

When we went to court in June, 2018, we were told by the DA’s office that even though we had a video of the vehicle hitting the golf cart, and witnesses that saw him climb out of the vehicle and he was the only one to climb out, they could not prove he was driving the vehicle.

So, he had pled guilty to reckless assault, and driving without a license. He was given two years supervised probation and he was to pay us more than $24,000 in restitution.

He was to meet his parole officer every month with random drug testing. He went to rehab for two months and was released in December, 2018.

In February, 2019, my husband received $18,000 for payment on the restitution.

When he did not receive anything in March, my husband called his parole office on April 3, 2019, and asked them to revoke his parole.

My husband was told that this man was trying to get a job and my husband needed to be patient, that he had two years to pay the restitution, and if he needs longer time, they would extend his parole.

On April 19, he hit a lady that was expecting a baby causing her to have an emergency c-section and the baby being placed in the NIC unit, then the lady had to have another emergency surgery. He is only by the grace of God not facing murder charges this time.

The wreck on the 19th is the fourth time he has been charged with driving without a license, no insurance, and driving under the influence.

Each time he has been given parole, which he never does abide with it.

When will he be made to account for his deeds?

After he kills someone? He has no regards for the safety of other people when he makes the decision to drive and violate his parole.

If his parole office had called in on the 3rd of April and did a drug test, it would have revoked his parole as my husband asked and he would not have been on the road on the 19th.

It is time this man spends full time in jail.

Thank you for your time,

Cherry Lane


Editor’s note: The Courier News did not identify the individual named in Mrs. Lane’s letter because the latest charges against him have not been resolved. Mrs. Lane amended her orginal letter to the editor with a note saying the individual in question has been arrested 14 times for the same offenses.