‘Guardian Angels’ help The Waters make Mother’s Day a special day

  • Mother’s Day celebration at the Waters in Clinton are, from left: Peggy (asstistant activity director), Erika Cunningham (volunteer), Mylina French (volunteer).

  • Mother’s Day at the Waters in Clinton, back row standing from left: Mylina French (Volunteer), Dr. E.M. Watson (President of Development CalmLearning). Front row sitting: Syndi, Martha, Ethel.

Mother’s Day became a special day of opportunity for Dr. Evoncia Watson, Mylina French, and Erika Cunningham, Debbie Vinsant, Peggy Boatman, and the lovely ladies of The Waters in Clinton.

According to Watson, President of Development for CalmLearning™, “We were looking for mothers and grandmothers to share this special day with and we were graciously welcomed into the lives of 58 beautiful ladies at The Waters.”

Sharing Mother’s Day was the beginning of new and exciting relationships for everyone involved.

Watson identifies that with increased age comes increased risk factors that can affect an individual’s health including decreased mobility, financial decline, nutritional and dietary needs, and many age-related changes that also affect this vulnerable group in assisted living facilities. Many of these individuals have suffered emotional loss or life changes that affect or alter their self-image. The effects of one risk factor, social isolation, can be easily decreased through community awareness, education, and involvement.

Social isolation directly increases chronic disease, arthritis, impaired mobility, high blood pressure and depression.

Debbie Vinsant, Activity Director of The Waters, stated that, “Once clinical depression begins, it is more difficult for the aged population to recover.”

The proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), determined that social isolation and loneliness are associated with a higher risk of mortality in adults aged 52 and older.

To help combat these issues The Waters of Clinton established the “Guardian Angel” program which encourages members of the community to become involved with the residents by volunteering to act as a friendly “Angel” and serving to guard a resident from the effects of loneliness by simply offering a small amount of time. Peggy Boatman is an acting “Angel,” but with only one pair of wings, she is limited.

As members of the Clinton community, it is important to recognize the often-forgotten population of vibrant individuals still full of life and contribution residing in the assisted-living facilities around us. Mylina French stated that “making time for others puts a spring in your step and removes you from your own problems by allowing you to focus on the needs of others.”

If any individual or group would like to join The Waters Guardian Angel Program, please contact Debbie Vinsant, Activity Director, at 457-6925 or activities@watersofclinton.com