Independence Day celebrations around the county

Family fun on the Fourth

  • Faith Juna (9) navigates the climbing wall at the Clinton July 4 celebration.

  • Theia Siler sits at the Norris Animal Shelter booth to bond with a kitten

  • Norris resident Mary Knepper smiles as she mans the booth for the Norris Beautification Committee. She’s a Yankee Doodle Dandy — because she was born on the 4th of July!

  • David West (banjo) and the Ciderville Band featuring the vocals of Claudia Coffee and Jerry “the Chicken Man” Isaacs entertained the crowd during The Lantern at Morning Pointe’s Red, White and Bluegrass event on Saturday, June 29.

  • Marie Caldwell, a resident at The Lantern at Morning Pointe, smiled approvingly as she listened to David West’s Ciderville Band during Saturday morning’s Red, White and Bluegrass celebration.

  • Kristina Bolton, Katelyn Disney, and Jesse Lee Bolton found shelter under a bank drive-thru while waiting for the rain to stop and the Rocky Top Kids’ Parade to start.

  • A rain-soaked afternoon may have wreaked havok on the Rocky Top Kids’ Parade, but it didn’t stop Cooper Alley (4) from showing off his patriotic eagle-themed bicycle

  • Joel Juna (7) shows off his basketball skills during Thursday’s Clinton July 4 Celebration at Lakefront Park.

  • Hunter McRae enjoys a quick game of Cornhole at the Faith Promise tent during the Clinton July 4 Celebration.

  • Keagan Gibson (3) exits the giant Gerbil Ball in the kids’ area at the Clinton July 4 Celebration. The Gerbil Ball track included two lanes so participants could race side- by-side. How did Keagan do? Let’s just say he “owned it like a boss.”

  • Levi Brogan and Charlie Ray Easley chill out with some watermelons.

  • Lily Huskey, 10, Blair Wetherington, 10 and Adrian Og- burn, 11, enjoyed spending time together at Norris Day.