The Courier News takes four 1st place awards at TPA convention

The Courier News brought home four first place awards and two second place awards from the Tennessee State Press Contests Awards of the Tennessee Press Association during its summer convention July 18 – 19 in Chattanooga.

“It’s a real honor to be recognized by our peers in other states for the work that we do every day, every week. It’s not only good for the newspaper to be recognized, but it helps bring that recognition back to Clinton, Claxton, Norris, Rocky Top, Andersonville, Anderson County as a whole and every community we serve,” Publisher of The Courier News, Tony Cox, said.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the editorial staff of The Courier News. This newsroom is small and works hard week after week to provide local news coverage about the community we serve.”

The Courier News submitted content for 16 of the 22 categories awards were presented.

On Thursday, July 18, publishers, editors, writers, and designers were recognized during a luncheon.

The Courier News won first place for makeup and appearance, headline writing, and best personal humor column by The Courier News editor Ken Leinart.

The Tennessee Press Association partnered with the Texas Press Association, which judged the Tennessee entries.

“The Courier (News) stood out from a tight race at the top with dramatic feature images and organic layouts. In the end, The Courier (news) received the best layout for their willingness to take risks, and then execute those visions flawlessly at times,” the judge from the Texas Press Association commented about the makeup and appearance award.

“Humor columns and headlines are hard to write and get right. Ken is a repeat recipient of first place recognition for his skill and craftsmanship of doing it right,” Cox noted.

The judge from the Texas Press Association commented on the best personal humor column, “Closest to laugh-out-loud, and a nice ending. Your style has a rhythm of its own, but you make it accessible through consistency.”

The Courier News also earned a second place award for “Best Special Section” with its “Game of Zones” 2018 football preview.

“Last year’s change to our football preview — Game of Zones — was something that we were really proud to publish. As it turns out, The Courier News’ football preview was the only football preview section in in non-daily categories with win statewide recognition. And, it was only one of two or three football preview sections to be recognized in both daily and non-daily categories. It was recognized for both editorial content and advertising value,” Cox said.

On Friday, July 19, The Courier News garnered two more awards during the advertising awards luncheon.

The Courier News won first place for best color ad.

“In the day of full-color everything, I am especially pleased with The Courier News winning first place for best use of spot color in an ad. Kim Webber [account executive] and Gale Engelke [graphic designer] did an incredible job using spot color on a Valentine’s Day ad for Apple Blossom Café,” Cox said. “It’s great when you have advertising businesses that trust you with their message … And you are able to deliver for them.”

The Courier News 2018 football preview, Game of Zones, also placed second at the advertising awards ceremony.

The Courier News reporter Crystal Huskey earned a third place award for investigative reporting for a series she wrote before joining The Courier News staff.

“It was great to have Crystal recognized for investigative reporting. Even though that award was for a story she did while at another publication, it shows the quality of the newsroom that we’ve been able to assemble,” Cox said.