Pets galore

  • Pet Expo organizer Joe Hall, Museum of Appalachia Director Elaine Irwin Meyer, co-orga- nizer Katrina Hall, Lt. Gov. Randy McNally and his dog, Shadow, attended the Anderson County Animal Rescue Foundation’s breakfast on Saturday.

  • Mac the Italian Mastiff poses with his human Hunter Lindholm. He’s even bigger than he seems in this photo.

  • This little guy was one of my kittens available for adoption at the Pet Expo.

  • Lt. Gov. Randy McNally takes a break at the Museum of Appalachia with his dog, Shadow.

  • Little Ponderosa Zoo volunteer Chloe Boldin handles a snake at a booth at the Pet Expo.

  • Gina Huebner brought her Parti Yorkie Jasmine to the Pet Expo with her.

Crowds came through all day long on Saturday to visit the county’s first Pet Expo, hosted by the Anderson County Animal Rescue Foundation. A large number of animal rescues were set up, as well as educational booths. A breakfast was held first thing Saturday morning, and Tennessee Lt. Gov. Randy McNally spoke about his experience adopting rescued Golden Retrievers.