New housing development will bring almost 200 new rooftops to Clinton

  • Charles G. Seivers Boulevard and Miller Road

Work began in earnest last week on a 64-acre tract near the intersection of Charles G. Seivers Boulevard and Miller Road for a proposed housing development. Early plans call for 127 detached homes and another 60-90 attached housing units. The number of attached housing units will depend on the which floor plan is selected, said Nicci Hollingsworth, who is overseeing the development. Grading of the site — which includes placement of utilities — is expected to take about eight months. Once grading is completed Hollingsworth said there will be “multiple” builders working in the development. She added local contractors are being selected for the work. “We hope to have people moving in within a year,” Hollingsworth said. She noted that it has taken almost a year to get the development ready for site preparation, but now that work has begun it’s exciting to watch it unfold. “This has been my baby for a year now,” she said. “It’s been a labor of love.”