City schools named ‘Exemplary System’ for second straight year

Clinton City Schools is proud to announce the distinction of being named an Exemplary School District by the State Department of Education for a second consecutive year.

Exemplary Status is reserved for districts that have met the following state accountability requirements: met annual state defined measurable goals or maintained high achievement and increased student growth.

For each requirement a number of points are awarded based on test scores from TNReady and absenteeism data.

The data are calculated for achievement of all students, as well as student subgroups, to ensure that all students are improving in growth and achievement.

In addition, schools and districts are tasked with reducing the number of students that are chronically absent from school.

Two category distinctions are combined to arrive at the overall status of a district. In achievement, Clinton City Schools received Exemplary status. In subgroup growth, Clinton City Schools was awarded Achieving status.

When combined, the overall distinction was Exemplary, which is the highest level awarded to any district across the state.

Out of 147 Tennessee school districts, 20 districts were awarded the overall distinction of Exemplary.

Districts are ranked on a scale of 1-5 in terms of student academic growth with 5 being the highest level. This growth score is called TVAAS. Clinton City Schools is proud to announce that our district composite score is a 5 for a sixth consecutive year.

In addition, Clinton Elementary School received state recognition as a Reward School for the second year in a row. All three Clinton City Schools have been recognized as Reward Schools at least once in the last three years which is the highest distinction given to individual schools.

Director of Schools Kelly Johnson stated that she was thrilled with the overall Exemplary Designation and Reward School.

“Receiving this type of positive recognition edifies the hard work of the students, staff, families, and community members. Truly, the Clinton City Schools family prides itself on focusing realistically on growth. We have high expectations coupled with an abundance of support, and we feel honored to be recognized for two consecutive years.

“We will continue to look at our data and focus on continued improvement,” remarked Director Johnson.