Karns slips past Lady Dragons in whirlwind of scoring

Karns scraped by Clinton in a 3-2 in volleyball.

The game was a back-and-forth nailbiter the entire time, with Karns winning the first set before Clinton picked up the next two, putting them in the lead. Clinton almost managed to cinch the victory in the fourth set, with both teams driving the total combined score to almost sixty points before Karns managed to eke out the two-point lead they needed to win the set, finishing at 29-27.

The last win seemed to take the wind out of Clinton’s sails, though, and their performance for the tiebreaker set turned sluggish and frustrated, leaving Karns with a breezy lead as they took the final set 15-4.

Clinton all played hard individually, but playing hard individually isn’t enough in a team sport.

Emma Clevinger, Cheyenne Fox, and Abby Bowling all stood out from the pack for their hard plays. Clevinger is a fantastic attacker for Clinton. She put pressure on Karns the entire match with her hard attacks and force at the net. Fox, meanwhile, showed through as a true, dyed-in-the-wool team player. She worked tirelessly to set up her teammates, including Clevinger – and without her, the game wouldn’t have been nearly as close as it was. Bowling’s serving skills, meanwhile, provided Clinton some much needed points that Karns had a hard time countering, even while she served as a well-rounded, cornerstone player, setting up her teammates and being there to deliver her teammates set her up.

Clinton may have lost against Karns, but their performance shows just how dangerous the team can be when they work together and how much talent they really possess, if they can just get their cohesion down.