Fiber Optics cable system being installed in Clinton

The City of Clinton has received inquiries about an ongoing utility project, where a private contractor is installing underground conduit and junction boxes for a fiber optic communications cable system. The conduit is being buried within the public right-of-way, using both boring and open trenching. The City of Clinton has issued a permit for the work to be performed, and has required the contractor to post a bond to cover damages to our streets, sidewalks, and existing underground utilities. Work is currently taking place in the downtown area beneath our concrete sidewalks.

This project is owned by Verizon Wireless, who has hired Mastec as their installation contractor. Mastec has sub-contracted much of the work to Global Communications.

Neither the City of Clinton nor the Clinton Utilities Board are participating in this installation project.

We are aware of related issues such as: broken sidewalks, ruptured water lines, private property encroachment, and mud/silt in the streets and storm drains.

Should any property or business owners within the City of Clinton have damages or concerns about this private utility work, please contact our Building and Zoning Department at 865-259-1180, or e-mail to Building Official John Householder at The city will provide you contact information for the permit holder, and will assist in making sure your concern is promptly addressed.