Random thoughts

Random thoughts this week.

• For the last two days there’s been a little kid down the street from me who’s been sitting on his doorstep, holding a spoon.

I finally had to ask: “Whatcha doin’ kiddo?”

“I’m waiting on my Oreo,” he said.

“Oreo?” I asked back.

“Yeah, Oreo Arctic Blast. Heard we were getting one this week and I don’t want to miss getting mine,” he said.

Thank you, thank you … I’ll be here all week. And please remember to tip your server generously.

Okay, we got some snow — as in “Some snow (dripping with sarcasm).”

And some cold temperatures.

Arctic blast?

He’s just a goofy kid anyway.

But it does make you wonder what adults are thinking.

Bread and milk have been flying out our stores like people are stocking up for the zombie apocalypse.

You’d think that any true Tennessean would know that if it’s 34-degrees in the morning, it’ll be 60 by mid-afternoon.

And that it takes about 20 minutes to melt two-inches of snow.

I guess the ghost of blizzards past still haunt people. What year was it that an inch or two of snow was predicted and then — BAM! — there was like three feet of the stuff? Sometime in the 1980s.

You know, way back when.

• The impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump are ongoing.

• I keep seeing headlines for “news” articles about supposedly famous people and how they’re fighting 1) depression; 2) an eating disorder; 3) bunions.

I say “supposedly” because I’ve never heard of most — okay, all — of these people.

I keep trying to care.

I do.

• Of course, I read those headlines because the rest of the real news headlines are too depressing.

Seems people keep killing other people, or maiming them.

Like, all the time.

Is there something wrong with us?

There are also lots of news stories about minorities being treated, not just badly, but horribly.

That kind of crap just kinda makes me angry.

I mean, who could treat another human being like that?

Again, is there something wrong with us?

• And the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump are still ongoing.

• I have no idea why this popped into my head the other day, but do you remember the advertising slogan, “I’d rather fight than switch.”

It was for a brand of cigarette — not sure which one.

This is not an endorsement for cigarettes by any means, but I miss advertisements like that.

Cool, catchy lines, people smiling and waving around smokes and beers and bottles of hooch.

But there aren’t advertisements for smokes anymore. And the booze commercials are just boring — some celebrity showing off how cool they are because they drink such and such hooch.


Maybe it’s the Billie Eilish computer advertisement that’s getting to me. I just want to say, “Wow, she’s is soooo cool.”

But I don’t.

Because … Well, she isn’t.

Why can’t she hold up the danged computer and say something like, “I’d rather fight than switch.”

Also, I might have seen a headline on a story about her struggling with bunions.

• The Middle East.

Yeah. I try not to ponder that too much, either.

• I’ve really taken to recycling plastic lately. I should have been doing it for a long time.

I drink a lot of water — a lot of bottled water. It’s just too danged convenient.

But I don’t want to be responsible for a turtle or whale having a stomach full of plastic because of my water bottles.

Plus, it’s time we all started to worry about what kind of world we’re going to leave Keith Richards.

• And yes, the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump are still ongoing.