Robert Thacker of the Clinton 12 dies at age 80

Robert Thacker, one of the Clinton 12 members, died in Michigan Nov. 6, 2019.

Thacker, 80, was laid to rest at the Great Lakes National Cemetery.

Thacker was one of 12 students who fought for integration of Clinton High School in 1956.

After he graduated from high school, Thacker joined the U.S. Army where he served honorably. After leaving the Army he relocated to Michigan and worked for the Ford Motor Company.

The Knoxville Area Urban League recognized The Clinton 12 in October for their impact during the civil rights movement. They desegregated Clinton High School in 1956 and made it the South’s first integrated school.

The Clinton 12 include: Maurice Soles, Anna Theresser Caswell, Alfred Williams, Regina Turner Smith, William R. Latham, Gail Ann Epps Upton, Ronald Gordon “Poochie” Hayden, Robert Thacker, Minnie Ann Dickie Jones, Bobby Cain, Alvah McSwain and Jo Ann Crozier Allen Boyce.

The Green McAdoo Culteral Center Facebook page lists a memorial for Thacker, as well as his complete obituary.