Anderson County Drops to Powerhouse Powell

Anderson County High School hosted the Powell Panthers on Jan. 7, 2019

The Mavericks lost 70-49.

The Mavericks never once held the lead during the game, but they certainly gave their all. Unfortunately for Anderson County, between Powell’s speed and strong shooting game, they were outmatched.

Anderson County seemed off-kilter for the match. Whether that was from facing off against such a strong opponent as Powell or just from getting back into things after the Christmas season is anyone’s guess. At the Maryville Tourney, the Mavericks were finishing games with an effective field goal percentage (eFG%) over 50-percent, and against Powell they missed shots they’ve hit hundreds of times, only managing 13 two-point baskets in total to Powell’s 26.

Powell won out in most categories across the game, finishing with an eFG% of 55-percent to Anderson County’s 40-perent. The three-point stat was similar for both teams, with 55-percent to 42-percent. One of the only areas where Anderson County finished ahead of Powell was in free-throws, making 11 free throws to the Panthers’ nine.

Carter Jett and Anthony White both tried their hardest to keep the Mavs in the game, though, with Jett finishing with 12 points under his belt before the end of the game and White finishing with 11. White may have scored higher if he hadn’t fouled out 19 minutes in, but even after being ejected, he still came away with the most rebounds for the Mavericks, three offensive and five defensive. Stone Hatmaker put up a solid nine points, scoring two of the Maverick’s four three-point shots.