Verdict upheld: Stamey IS Councilman

The Tennessee Court of Appeals has affirmed an Anderson County Chancery Court decision regarding the November 2018 City of Clinton election of E.T. Stamey, who is a councilman.

The Appeals Court filed its decision on March 25, affirming the outcome of the city election.

In its finding the Court of Appeals noted that Stamey’s opponent, Ronald C. Young, alleged Stamey is a city employee and is “disqualified from being a city councilman because he works for the Clinton City Schools.”

Young also filed suit against the Anderson County Election Commission. In its finding, the Appeals Court noted that “Young failed to state a claim against the Commission, which acted solely in its ministreal capacity of certifying the election results.”

The Appellate Court said, “We hold, first, that Stamey is not a city employee. We hold further that even if Stamey is a city employee, as a noninstructional public school employee he is allowed to run for city council pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. 49-5-301.”