County eyes testing for coal ash from Bull Run

Sixth District County Commissioner Catherine Denenberg made a motion to approve an RFP (Request For Proposal) to send samples of coal ash from the Bull Run site to labs for testing: “I make a motion to move forward with the … submitting for bid or proposal to entities who can professionally and adequately test what we need to be tested from Bull Run.”

Theresa Scott, Seventh District Commissioner, seconded the motion.

The development came about during Monday night’s monthly Anderson County Commission meeting.

Sixth District Commissioner Steve Meade said the county needs to have accurate data

“We have to define clearly what we want them to measure,” Meade said. He said the county has to have accurate data.

“There’s a huge amount of hazardous waste potentially left behind. It hasn’t been properly characterized. We have to define clearly what we want them to measure,” Meade said.

Denenberg explained her motion further.

“We will define precisely what we want them to test,” Denenberg said. “What we’re looking for is approval to move forward. Because there’s no way we’re going to rely in anything from TVA or TDEC (Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation) at this point.”

Anderson County Commission Chairman Tracy Wandell said TVA is holding a luncheon Wednesday, June 17, to “share” information about TVA projects.

Seventh District Commissioner Jerry Creasey asked if Commissioner Denenberg was going to be present. Denenberg said she had not received an invitation to the TVA luncheon.

The motion passed 15-0.