Roane State releases spring Dean’s List

Roane State Community College has announced its Dean’s List for the Spring 2020 semester. The following local students were named to the Dean’s List:


Hannah Bolinger, *Madison Gossett, Katlyn Nance, *Riley Ensley, *Andrew Mullins, *Sydney Campbell, Joseph Foust, and Makayla Andrews.


*Devin Barnette.


Kayla Carroll, Brandon Brewer, Brianna Holder, *Clifford Vowell, *Savannah Cinnamon, Cody Cruz, *Steven Jordan, *Tyra Metcalf, Alexander West, *Shantelle Bailey, *Gabrielle McCarty, Jacey Queener, *Jordan Queener, *Summer Seiber, *Bayley Daniels, Charity Earls, *Melanie Hahn, *Megan Lay, *Ethan McNeely, *Joseph Randolph, Sadie Stout, *Jason Wasilewsk, Devin Wilcox, Jessica Cardwell, Emma Clevinger, *Alexander Gibson, Hannah Hopper, *Jordan Jacobik, Amanda Jacobs, Faith Jones, Makenzie Jones, Brooklin McCoy, Audrey Sharpe, *Kaiden Webb, *Kinsley Williams, *Kara Bradley, *Marissa Brown, *Benjamin Cantrell, Lauren Dunn, *Sam Forbes, Lakrista Graham, Preston Gregory, *Tyler Hardwick, Sidney Knoblock, *Deena Koper, *Andrew Lounsberry, Madison Phillips, Natalie Phillips, David Taylor, Anna Temple, *Colby Terry, Sarah Trepanier, and Billy Vaughn.


Alisa Widener, *Haley Wooliver, Andrew Fox, *Felicia Lee, *Shayla Morris, *Gavin Neeley, Steven Patton, *Tj Seals, *Wesley Zemke, aqnd *Destiny Hopper.


*Kacie Creech,* Tia Boruff, Travis Foust, and Skylar Mozingo.


Arcada Cameron, Sara-Kate Moon, and Michael Trevino.


Spencer Trentham, *Cindi Robbins, Nicky Woods, Ashley Wade, *Amy Hills, Lexi Mitchell, *Erin Johnston, *Lauren Douglas, Jocelyn Flores-Valencia, Madyson Fowlkes, *April Honeycutt, *Pamela Johnson, Isabella Kelly, *Chloe Mallett, Selena Sterling, Emily Brewer, *Lindsey Burtis-Fuller, *Shaelyn Deal, Natalie Kraeske, Mari-Ruth Roysden, *Kasey Smith, Haley Snyder, *Janet Thomas, *Aamariah Crow, Tonya Lotter, Christina Thomas, Shawnda Thomas, Whitney Webb, John Armstrong, *Savannah Blankenship, *Laurin Chandler, Marisa Colvais, Nicholas Dallas, *Calvin Duffield, Sonja Fitzwater, *Jonas Gurley, *Anna Humphrey, *Justin Lawson, *Valerie Lowe, *Colton McMahan, Carson Payne, Devin Robinson, *Amanda Rust, Josiah Samples, *William Sniffen, *Jackson Sopczak, *Sydney Walter, *Christa Werden, Jacob Wright, *Hollie Beckett, Joseph Campbell, *Brittany Chadwell, *Jennifer Ehlers, Timothy Ehlers, Kaelee Hagins, Samuel Hirsch, Marissa Israel, Cambrya Lemaire, Joshua Mahan, Ashley McCullah, *Lorelei Norman, *Cameille Schubert, Katelyn Swigert, *Katrise Tuggle, *Iain Willborn, and *Angela Ziegler.


*Emily Sparks, Tia Boruff, Sarah Abbott, Emily Coats, Kasey Culpepper, Teresa Knight, and Cameron Taylor.

The Dean’s List recognizes full-time students (those completing 12 or more semester hours of college-level courses) who attain a quality point average of 3.50-3.99.

* Notes this students also was named to Roane State’s President’s List. To be eligible, a student must attain a 4.0 grade-point average while attempting 12 or more semester hours of college-level courses; or earn a 4.0 as a student in the college’s nursing program during a semester in which the required course schedule is fewer than 12 hours; or earn a 4.0 as a student in one of the college’s selective admission health sciences programs during a semester in which the required course schedule is fewer than 12 hours.

The President’s List and Dean’s List are the official mediums for the institution to recognize outstanding academic achievement by students. The lists are compiled at the end of each academic semester by the Registrar’s Office and are noted on the student’s academic transcript.