There is such a thing as a free lunch

In the Light

Free lunches (Part I)

No such thing as a free lunch, right?

Well, not for the average Joe, who is constantly reminded that any and all services he needs is going to cost him.

But if you work for Anderson County government and you have a p-card, or procurement card — or whatever you want to call it — you certainly can have a free lunch.

Free to the card holder, not the Anderson County taxpayer.

You can also stay at really nice hotels — not “you” the taxpayer.

Oh no, “You” get to stay at Budget Inn and Motel 8 and Red Roof Inn.

Not the downtown hotels.

Recently p-card use has come under scrutiny. Not nearly enough, but some, and more scrutiny is needed.

The list of purchases is telling and scary. I spent $98 at a couple of weeks ago and got some excellent music.

I also bought two kilts (McGregor Clan and Black Watch) for about $100.

I used my own money.

I don’t have a p-card.

There are a lot of purchases on the list of p-card uses.

And nice hotels and $40 lunches.

Nobody is crying fraud or pointing fingers.

But nobody is asking, “Why?”

And the only elected official who seems to care about the use of p-cards is Tracy Wandell.

There are a lot of purchases that are definitely worthwhile — a lot of education-type expenses that ring true.

And there are a lot that leave you scratching your head.

So, keep asking, Mr. Wandell. I think taxpayers deserve some kind of answer.

Free lunches (Part II)

President Donald Trump has successfully lumped the United States of America with such esteemed countries as Syria and Nicaragua when he pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Woo hoo!

Depending on which way your political leanings go, the Paris Climate Agreement will either (maybe) save our planet, or it’s of no use and even damaging to the United States of America.

Did I mention Syria is not a member of this agreement?

Neither is Nicaragua.

President Trump is, however, getting a free lunch.

States, counties, cities, and private businesses are lining up to show support for the Paris Climate Agreement, signing petitions and proclamations, vowing to reduce greenhouse gasses even though the United States of America apparently won’t.

It’s not really a free lunch for (again) taxpayers, the “you’s” and “me’s” of the world, but hey, who really cares, right?

China, apparently.

China! The country that gives us dog treats that make our dogs sick. The country that supplies Walmart.

Yes, that country.

And while the people of Syria and Nicaragua may pat themselves on the back for welcoming The United States into their company, the people of the United States, apparently, want no part of it.

And neither do our real leaders.