Commission to revisit county’s noise ordinance?

Vickie Rhue, an Anderson County resident, is shown speaking to Anderson County Commissioners last week at the County Commission meeting about an ongoing dispute she is having with her neighbor. The dispute, according to Rhue and her other neighbor Allen Roberts, who was also present at last Monday’s meeting to inform Commissioners of the ongoing problems in the neighborhood arising from the dispute, has turned even more volatile with the neighbor firing a rifle into the neighborhood at night. After the neighbor fired his rifle during night time hours, Roberts said he called local law enforcement but law enforcement informed him there was nothing they could do because the neighbor was not violating the noise ordinance. “I’m asking we change the noise ordinance to keep people from shooting at 10:30 at night,” Roberts pleaded with Commissioners. Commissioners voted during the operations report last Monday at the meeting to take the matter up in their operations committee next month at their meeting so they can revisit the noise ordinance and possibly make an amendment to the county’s zoning resolution.