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Netflix, turn signals, and anger (or as I like to call it, Tuesday)


I saw this thing on the internet (so you know it must be true) that said Tennessee was the “angriest” state.

Well, yeah.

Have you seen the drivers? The ones who don’t know what a turn signal is?

Or the ones who think a posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour means 35 miles per hour past the speed of sound.

No, that would read “Mach 1+35.”

But apparently it has nothing to do with people who don’t understand what turn signals are for.

Nor does it have to do with Facebook posts.

I thought that had to be the reason we’re the “angriest.”

Because apparently it doesn’t matter if we use turn signals or not.

So it had to be those snarky comments people make when someone dares disagree with their opinion.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t really believe economic indicators support your opinion that people who don’t use turn signals make more money than the four people in the state who do.”

And you’ll get a reply: “Yeah, well ... You’re stupid!

“And you dress funny, too. “And you’re probably a liberal.”

Not that I have anything against stupid, liberal people who dress funny.

I’m only one of the three things accused, but I’m not saying which one.

But no, that’s not why Tennessee is considered the “angriest” state.

It also has nothing to do with the fact that Tennessee is the only state in The United States of America where it is illegal to share your Net ix password with a family member and/or friend (if you have a friend — which are hard to keep when you won’t share your Net ix password with them).

“I can’t share my Net ix password. It’s illegal,” you say to your soon-to-be ex-friend.

“So’s turning and changing lanes without using a turn signal, but nobody uses those and nobody’s getting smacked on the hand for that,” you’re told.

“Yeah, but the state will actually do something about the Net ix thing. I mean, somebody had to pay somebody a boat load of money to get something that stupid passed by lawmakers.”

I mean, I don’t see turn signal makers lining the streets of Nashville handing out gifts.

I don’t see Netflix people doing that either, but how the heck else did something like that get made into law?

I would admit now that I once shared my Net ix password with a family member, but ...

I don’t have Neflix.

I do have turn signals. Here’s the secret to those

bad boys, just in case you’re wondering.

You control them by that little stick sticking out of the left side of your steering wheel column.

Push it up and little lights come on letting other drivers know you’re turning right.

Push it down and little lights come on letting other drivers know you’re turning left (just in case anyone asked you where your turn signals are in your vehicle).

Seriously, it’s cool as all get out.

But no, it’s not the Neflix thing either.

Apparently Tennessee is the “angriest” state because ...

Wait for it, wait for it, wait forit...

Anticipation is so underrated.

Tennessee has so many hate crimes.

Tennessee has so many “hate” groups.

There has to be some angry individuals out there, right?

I’m sorta disappointed for being called the “angriest” state because of hate groups and hate crimes.

Have you ever met anybody associated with a “hate” group?

They don’t act angry ... If you’re white, conservative, and agree with their opinions.

And maybe share your Netflix password.

I wanted to be the “angriest” state because Tennesseans get angry with people who don’t use turn signals, troll Facebook, and pass idiotic laws like the Net ix password payoff.

I wanted to be the angriest state because we’re populated by knuckleheads.

Oh wait ... Same concept, isn’t it?