Clinton’s ‘Spring Clean-Up Day’ is April 2

The City of Clinton Public Works Department has announced that our annual Spring Clean-Up Day will be held again this year (always the first Monday in April).

Public Works crews will be collecting items that normally are not accepted during weekly household garbage pick-up (residential only, no commercial items collected).

Residents should place refuse and rubbish items beside the street, ensuring that nothing protrudes into the street or obstructs sidewalks, utility poles, water meters, re hydrants, or mailboxes. Items for collection MUST be at the curb by 7:30 a.m. Monday April 2, 2018.

The maximum quantity of items per household is the equivalent of one pick-up truck load.

Public Works crews will be following a scheduled route to make collections one time on each residential street. Once a crew has cleared an individual street, they will move to another area and will not be able to return for a second or late collection.

Items for collection may include:

• Furniture, water heaters, stoves, mattresses, box springs, and appliances.

Crews will not be able to collect the following:

• Tires

• Building materials or debris from remodeling

• Hazardous materials (paint, solvents, batteries, petroleum products)

• Appliances containing refrigerant (air conditioners,

refrigerators, freezers) (Residents may be able to deliver some of these items to the Blockhouse Valley drop-off facility. Call Anderson County Solid Waste at 865-457-6244 for details.) Recyclable items (electronics, computers, TVs, newspapers, magazines, plastics, cardboard, and cans) should be separated from bulky items so we may deliver them directly to our Recycling Center, and divert them from the sanitary landfill.

Brush and Leaf Collections are covered under separate schedules and policies.

Residents with questions or comments may e-mail or telephone 865-457-6495.