Green McAdoo Center receives $100,000 donation

A $100,000 donation was presented to the operating staff of the Green McAdoo Cultural Center on Friday, April 20.

The donation was the result of a two-year effort by State Rep. John Ragan and Lt. Gov. Randy McNally.

“It surprised me how many of my colleagues were not aware of what took place here, let alone the fact that we have this commemorating it.” Ragan stated.

This led Ragan to join forces with McNally and others to start a campaign to get some money into the Cultural Center.

"quite frankly, I think this is an important story that needs to be told, and even with those that might disagree with how it’s presented, they will agree it is still important. And I believe this is well done.” Ragan said of the Green McAdoo Cultural Center.

The main point that Ragan and the operating body of the Green McAdoo Cultural Center agreed needed to be addressed was exposure, or lack there of.

Eugene Gallaher, President of the Green McAdoo Cultural Center, said that other than small pamphlets at rest stops, there isn’t much promotion or advertising for the cultural center.

One thing he is looking to do with the grant is utilize the advertising power of a billboard on the interstate.

“It’s a story that is not well known and needs to be well known.” said Ragan.

Recently added to the US Civil Rights Trail, the Green McAdoo Cultural Center is a compulsory homage to, and educational opportunity for, one of the most important cultural movements in history.

Information about the Center and events can be found at www.greenmcadoo