Getting an early start on choosing a career

Lt. Jim Campbell of the Clinton Police Department
Clinton City Schools hosted a Career Day event for their sixth grade students on Friday, May 4 at Clinton Elementary School.

But this Career Fair was a bit more in depth and involved than most.

There were 14 vendors present, teaching students about what they do for a living, and why it may be a good fit for them.

Among the 14 vendors were representatives from Norris Animal Hospital, WYSH Radio Station, SL Tennessee, The National Guard, Oak Ridge Associated University, Clinton Fire and Police Departments, Y12 Federal Credit Union, Clayton Homes and Roane State Community College.

There were also agriculture professionals, teachers and a cosmetology professional.

Along with the chance to talk to and learn about local professionals, the students attended a seminar on “soft skills.”

Soft skills, such as learning how to properly engage in conversation or maintaining a positive attitude, are often seen as common sense types of attributes.

But the truth is, like with anything, working on these skills often can lead to the perfection of them.

Another unique factor about this Clinton Career Day was that the students got a chance to interview with two or three companies that sparked their interest.

And they learned that you don’t just show up at a place of work and interview without any preparation.

The students were required to fill out a resume and cover letter prior to the job fair.

After each student had a chance to visit every vendor, they were then asked to fill out an application in order to initiate their interview process.

E. T. Stamey, of Clinton City Council, stated that there are going to be students graduating high school this year that are unsure of what they want to do. There may even be students graduating that are unsure of how to fill out a resume.

Now, Clinton City Schools is exposing sixth graders to these types of things in order to eradicate such issues.

By utilizing events like this, Clinton is giving their students an advantage in advancing their education and not only finding a good career later in their lives, but also giving them an early look at what it takes to find a career that they can love.