‘Letter’ draws strong response

A letter submitted to Anderson County Commission Monday night (see related story) for approval drew stern responses from two County Commissioners.

The letter was meant to be a guideline of sorts for the EMS Department to work with the commission.

Commissioner Theresa Scott said, however, she could not vote to accept the letter for several reasons.

“When I was going door-to-door during the election asking people to vote for me, a lot of people voiced displeasure … They said it seemed like every time (EMS) asked for money the commission just gave it to them,” she said.

Scott said the EMS Department’s problems were operational and, “That falls under the Mayor.”

Scott said the audit findings showed 33 operational findings.

Commissioner Steve Emert also called out the leadership of the EMS Department, saying, “Nathan Sweet should be terminated,” and the department should “have it’s budget cut to $5.4 million.”

Emert said the county passed budget, “and not a month later Sweet is coming looking for $800,000.”

Emert said commission discusses the EMS Department too often. “We never discuss the volunteer fire departments and they are a critical service in this county.”

Scott and Emert voted “no” twice on accepting the letter — once during a voice vote and a second time during the commission’s board vote.

Catherine Denenberg voted to accept the letter during both ballots, but asked, “Why haven’t we been told what the capabilities of the EMS are?”