It’s homecoming week at CMS

Back again! With more stories from the halls of your hometown middle school.

You will find short pieces below related to areas of learning and fun in our building from Classes and Sports to Hawk Life, Student Spotlight, and our new focus on College & Career awareness.

Showcasing a wide variety of the positive happenings at CMS is Hawk Talk’s first priority.

Homecoming Week at CMS

by Jacen Pride, Jackson Brewer, and Tanyan Pollard

Homecoming is coming to CMS tomorrow. This event seeks to bring Hawk Nation together as we take on Lenoir City.

The Clinton Middle School Homecoming Court will be made up of young ladies in all three grade levels with the 8th grade candidates going for the top prize of Homecoming Queen.

Each candidate has donated money and time to be a part of this, and each will have an escort.

Cheerleading Coach and Sponsor of Homecoming, Ms. Fox, told us that, “Homecoming is a long tradition not only at CMS but all schools across America. It’s purpose is to bring the community together. Specifically, for students that attended that school to come and enjoy the game.

We also make a fun filled week out of it with Spirit Days leading up to the game.”

We look forward to seeing our community out at the Homecoming festivities.

CMS highlights colleges

every week

by Catherine Meredith, Kira Murphy, Tara Pickel, and Emily Metcalf

Along with the new changes to our school, we’re adding a new focus on college and career.

With this new focus comes our college of the week program.

This program was initiated through a grant won by Angela Merryman, the head of the Gear Up program here in Anderson County Schools.

Mrs. Merryman states, “College of the Week is our way of exposing students to the many opportunities offered by Tennessee’s post-secondary schools. (Post-secondary is a fancy term for after high school).

“There are twelve college programs a person could drive to within one hour of Clinton but many of our students do not know they exist. By focusing on one college or one program per week we can help students realize the many possibilities that could be part of their career path.”

Through this program, students can expand their variety of college options.

Students now have more opportunities to learn about colleges and expand their path to a possible career.

Teacher of the Month: Mrs. Boundy

by Hunter Evans, Noah Weeks, and Cooper Ray

Here at Clinton Middle College and Career Academy, our teachers have started teaching the students in their classes with the speed of a rocket.

One teacher, Ligia Boundy, has shined brighter. Mrs. Boundy is an eighth grade Math and Algebra teacher.

Algebra is one of the most difficult high school classes, and it has been here in CMCCA to prepare students for the hard high school life, but some students can handle it.

Mrs. Boundy states that ”Algebra is difficult and I can only teach this much because the students cooperate with me.”

Mrs. Boundy has worked very hard with a heart for teaching all these wonderful students at CMCCA.