County Property Assessor’s Office receives clean audit

The Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury Division of Property Assessments recently completed its annual comprehensive audit for the Anderson County Property Assessor’s office.

The office did not receive any findings in the annual audit, Anderson County Property Assessor John K. Alley, Jr. said.

“It’s a big deal for our office to have an inclusive state audit that reflects zero deficiencies in our records and processes” Alley said.

“Having correct information and processes in place starting the reappraisal is paramount in securing a fair and accurate reappraisal. The clean audit report is a testament of the hard work and dedication of my employees as well as continued support from our County Commission,” the property assessor said.

The annual audit looked at multiple records and processes within the office of the Anderson County Property Assessor, including sales verifications recordings, county map maintenance, proper exemption recordings, mobile home parks, proration values, administrative procedures as well as all greenbelt rollback calculations.

Alley said he thinks the real estate market has recovered more in 2018 than any other time since the housing recession in 2007.

Sales have increased in 2018, along with new construction permits, which I feel is a stronger indication that the housing market is healthy and on a solid path to recovery.

The property assessor’s office will soon begin calculating figures and statistics for the upcoming 2020 reappraisal.

For more information, call John K. Alley, Jr., 865-457-6219.