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The opioid crisis

I would like for the paper to address the problems facing patients with chronic diseases that are now having to go without their medications because laws are being rewritten to cater to drug addicts. I would also like an explanation explaining why taxpayers are footing the bill for narcon and we have elderly people who go without medicine because they can’t afford it. You cannot legislate responsibility. You cannot force people to take medicine as prescribed. This attitude is like throwing a bucket of water on a forest fire. It doesn’t work and the only people it’s affecting are the responsible people who know how to read and take medication correctly.

Diane Irwin

Back in the early 2000s, a doctor in Oak Ridge was arrested for sexually assaulting a patient and was accused of writing pain med scripts in exchange for sexual favors and cash. When the assault was reported, it was noted the victim’s partner had died of an overdose. This has been going on for a long time. Glad people are starting to care.

Anita Feliciano Bringle

The redesign

Very unhappy with the small print, our older eyes have a hard time with it. We have subscribed to the Courier probably as long as you have had subscipitions. Oh yeah, I had hoped when you redid it that you would proofread better, there are always misprints in spelling. I didn’t get through half front page until I saw one. Would you like to hire me as proofreader?

Gail Pyles Disney

I agree with the small print, and how light the print is for older subscribers. The chopped-up layout of the paper is my peeve. It is hard to locate the rest of the article on the other page. Too cluttered.

I sure miss how the paper looked awhile back and had more local stories.

Cheryl Harris

Quit reading your paper because a third grader could do better . Poor writing and so many misspellings I would have been ashamed to publish such a mess.

Benny Braden

I like it!

Dorothy Ausmus

It looks awesome! I love the font.

Kevin Powers