Streaming AC schools live

The month of December is one of the busiest months of the year for everyone especially the parents and grandparents of school aged children. Events seem to all happen all at the same time and on every night of the week.

Anderson County Schools, along with ACTV set out in early December to make it a little easier for everyone to be able to see what is going on in our schools around the holidays.

Last month, ACS live streamed elementary school holiday programs and concerts live on Facebook and for parents and the community to watch.

Over that time, there were over 6,600 unique live viewers and over 10,000 archived views of the 8 live produced programs.

In addition to the 8 live streamed concerts, ACS and ACTV also covered six other holiday concerts which are available on demand on ACTV’s webpage

In the future, ACS plans to bring more and more content to the community live on Facebook, LiveStream, and Twitter.

To find out the most up- to date live scheduled programming visit Anderson County Schools FaceBook and Twitter @ACSchoolTN.

Upcoming live events include:

Basketball Games:

• Jan. 18 Oak Ridge vs. Anderson County High School at 6pm

• Jan. 25 Oak Ridge vs. Clinton High School at 6pm

• Feb. 1 Anderson County High School vs. Clinton High School at 6pm.

In addition to athletics and other school programs, Anderson County Schools and ACTV streams live all School Board, Clinton City Council, and Anderson County Commission meetings every month.

Check Anderson for the most up to date times and schedule.