Mavs’ seniors flex on ‘OPERATION IRON FIT’

Houser, Colorusso combine in fitness competition win

  • Senior Maci Houser poses in front of her trophy at Anderson County High School - Conner McCarty

  • Noak Colorusso and Maci Houser showed grit, determination, and a never-quit, never back down mentality. - Conner McCarty

This past Thursday, the Tennessee Army National Guard hosted the inaugural “Operation Iron Fit.”

High Schools from around the area were given an opportunity to nominate one girl and one boy to compete in the Army-style-CrossFit-like competition.

This competition can successfully take a senior’s “most athletic” superlative, and truly test it—as you compete against others, as well as your own mental and physical.

While most of the events would have many of us revisiting our last meal, luckily for Anderson County seniors Maci Houser and Noah Colorusso, they are in good shape.

A one-mile run, army-style push-ups and pull-ups, sled pulls, and sprints are just a small sliver of what the events included, as strength, quickness, determination, and especially endurance was tested throughout the events.

The two senior Mavs definitely proved themselves fit and athletically gifted last Thursday — as if their past four-year careers involved in Anderson County athletics had not done so already.

Not only would Maci Houser and Noah Colorusso represent their school and community, but they would also bring home a trophy for their efforts. Overall, the Anderson County duo took home first place.

Houser won “fittest female” and earned first place in the girls’ competition, and Colorusso finished second in the boys’ competition — falling only four points shy of the leader. Nevertheless, Colorusso would be named Overall MVP, a well-earned accolade.

During his events, Colorusso, a University of the Cumberlands football commit, deadlifted the max of 345-pounds. From the standpoint of a 150-pound stick, everything about that seems terrible — but it makes more sense for a soon-to-be college football player like Colorusso.

“I ran my mile in 4:37,” said Houser. One, that is absolutely ridiculous, and two, expect a call from Coach Al Rodd, Ms. Houser. After telling her that she was just showing off, Maci responded appropriately, “Yeah, I guess so.

“I told my mom when I got out of the car that I came here to win, not to lose.”

Fact — Houser won the competition in a winner-take-all tiebreak, where she out-launched a ten-pound medicine ball farther than her opponent. Both competitors were forced to keep their feel planted when throwing.

Thus, Houser literally out-muscled her opponent to take the trophy back home to Mavland.

“(Anderson County High School) asked me to compete, and I thought that was something,” said Houser.

Not only was she proud to compete for her community, but also after winning the event, Houser pridefully added something new to the school’s trophy case, instead of keeping it for herself.

Houser said, “I asked them — Can we do this again, but just for fun? It was awesome.”

Personally, Maci, I think becoming the “fittest female” has made you a little “mentally unfit.”

On a non-sarcastic note, Houser is a pure-hearted competitor who loves to win, and her “give 110-percent,” winning mentality will surely be missed next year at Anderson County.

Same goes for Colorusso, who is simply a well-rounded athlete and he features a hard-nosed grit, that is uncoachable. Thursday’s competition further proved why he is so successful on the football field.

Colorrusso is not only strong and durable, but it is his unwavering work rate that will be noticed early and often, once he is in Williamsburg, Ky.