It’s never too late for an opinion


I am writing to you in response to a short article that you had written several months ago regarding the proposed changes along the river on the Magnet Mills site. I apologize for the delay in sending you my thoughts on this project.

It has been four years when my husband and I moved here to Clinton, Tennessee.

We fell in love with East Tennessee, the mountains, and the country living.

We moved from Minneapolis, Minn., a large and fast-moving city to a slower paced life style which is SO different in so many ways.

I had the chance to go to one of the town meetings when Mr. Gianni Longo gave a talk showing his design on suggested changes here in Clinton and I was excited because I see a little town that has potential.

We are living here in East Tennessee right next to the Great Smoky Mountains.

During the tourist season we have thousands of people coming here to visit. This means we have so many people driving through or by our little town. Why not make it a tourist stop on the way?

We need to show people that we care for our town.

A) I would want to see a committee formed to see this through, to brainstorm with new ideas, made up of people who care about Clinton – not only to see Mr. Longo’s plan put in place, but to see new and fresh businesses in town, along with a couple of nice restaurants (not just by the freeway). A town needs new and fresh blood; otherwise it will become stagnant and die.

B) Offering incentives to businesses if they would back up the project.

C) These businesses need to be businesses that will draw people in.

There are other things that have been on my heart as well regarding this area, but that is for another day…

On another note, I just want to let you know that I am delighted with the changes that you have made with the Courier News.

What do you think about having a section on “Announcements?” There are events taking place not only in Clinton, but in Anderson County as well as Knoxville that I think more people would like to be reminded of. I look at these announcements as incentives in getting out and participating, enjoying events here in East Tennessee.

What about the rowing regattas on Melton Lake, and a reminder of not only the Barrel Racing here in Clinton (YAY – thank you for the photo and clip on this!!!), but there are several races around Knox County throughout the month. Just a thought.

Thank you for everything.


Judith Mehaffey