Armed robbery reported at Haney Hollow Road home

A Haney Hollow Road resident reported an armed robbery that took place in her driveway on April 28.

The 60-year-old victim told Cpl. Jonathan Acker with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department that as she was leaving her house to go to the store, she noticed a brown or tan four-door car in her driveway. Two men were in the vehicle. The driver, described as a white male with glasses and shorter brown hair, never got out of the car. The passenger, however, did.

He is described as a white male with jeans, a black T-shirt and shoulder length brown hair. He approached the victim and asked her about a couple of lawnmowers on her property, then produced a large black handgun.

He pointed it at the victim and demanded all of her money or he would kill her, according to the incident report.

The victim gave him $330 from her purse. He then got back in the car, which the driver then backed out of the driveway. She was unable to get a tag number.

The victim said she did not know the suspects, and did not know how they could have known she had the cash on her. She said the cash was to pay her power and water bills.