Random thoughts because I have so many

Random thoughts because I have so many.

• Anderson County Board of Education was a little steamed when its proposed 2019-2020 budget was kicked back by the Anderson County Budget Committee.

Especially after that committee approved an eight-cent increase to the Anderson County’s Sheriff’s Office to bring the detention center up to speed.

I may be wrong about that — that’s just what I heard during the Board of Education meeting.

The Board of Education stuck to its guns, however, and decided to redo its budget and KEEP a 2-percent raise for teachers.

Ask anybody and they’ll tell you that when anybody moves to a new area they always ask, “So, what is the jail like? That’s where my kid is going to end up because the schools are lousy.”

• The Sheriff’s Department should get its eight cents, by the way.

But so should the schools.

• In a world where perception is everything, it has been brought to my attention more than once that three members of the Anderson County Budget Committee have direct ties with the Sheriff’s Department.

Perception, okay? That’s all I’m saying.

• On press days we’ll send pages to our printer and they just sorta disappear sometimes.

Poof! They’re gone.

The printer will call and ask, “Where’s page …?”

Geeze, that was sent about an hour ago. Let’s try again.

Meanwhile some goat herder in Nepal is opening his email on his phone and there’s this random page from some newspaper in Clinton, Tennessee.

As long as he subscribes …

• I’ve been looking at Jeeps lately.

I can’t afford one (unless I sell a major organ on the black market), but I can dream.

I did see one in North Carolina recently though that looked promising.

All it needs are wheels, a hood, doors, a windshield, and ... A bunch of other stuff.

About a spleen worth of Jeep, I reckon.

• In a world where perception is everything, part II:

Last month the Anderson County EMS Director Nathan Sweet was told he wasn’t using the county’s Human Resources Department to his advantage when it comes to recruiting EMS personnel.

This month County Commissioner Shain Vowell, speaking about recruiting medical personnel to work at the Anderson County Detention Center told the Operation Committee that people who had been talked to about taking the position just weren’t interested.

Maybe the Human Resources Department wasn’t utilized.

Perception, perception, perception …

• That’s all I’m going to say about the Sheriff’s Department and the jail.

I have all the respect in the world for the people that serve and protect, so …

I think the other departments in the county deserve the same respect though.

• The White Sox have won three in a row — which is kinda cool — but I’ve only been able to catch the last three innings of each game.

Does this mean I can’t watch the Sox until after the sixth inning now?

Never mess with a winning streak.

• Yes, it’s spring.

But do you know how much excitement is building around the Clinton High School football team?

Quite a bit.

Randy McKamey and his band of young wolves are going to surprise some people this fall.

This team is hungry and will be looking for dinner.

• Hats off to the Anderson County and Clinton High School seniors.

I realized this last weekend that I’ve been with The Courier News longer than any of you have been alive.

Did it make me feel old?



Oh yeah.