Board of Education slashes budget by $800,000

No one sitting on the Anderson County Board of Education was happy about the new budget passed last Thursday — but they all understood it was what had been asked of them.

Director of Anderson County Schools Dr. Tim Parrott presented the new budget that asks for no new revenue from Anderson County Commission.

“I don’t like any of these cuts. I didn’t like the first ones,” Board member Andy McKamey said.

Among the cuts are a foreign language teacher, coach’s supplements, and band equipment.

But the 2-percent pay increase for staff remains.

“Some of these are really distasteful,” McKamy said.

Parrott said the state is paying for about $500,000 of those raises, leaving the board about $1 million to cover not just the 2-percent raise, but step increases as well.

“I want to commend you for keeping those (raises) in,” board member Teresa Portwood told Parrott.

The board has previously cut about $700,000 from its budget, but was still $800,000 out of whack.

Budget cuts if no new funds from County Commission — with a 2-percent pay raise for all employees:

Gym at Grand Oaks -$200,000

Band equipment at high schools -$50,000

One Middle School position -$50,000

One High School position -$50,000

One maintenance position -$30,000

One full time nurse -$30,000

One Technology position -$50,000

Special Ed Educational assistants -$50,000

Custodial person -$50,000

High School coaching supplements -$30,000

Funds for schools for supplies -$42,500

SRO vehicle -$25,000

Transportation safety -$35,000

Health services supplies and materials -$25,000

Gasoline -$15,000

Special Ed Instructional supplies -$10,000

City of Rocky Top field maintenance -$10,000

Health Services travel -$5,000

Regular instruction staff development -$7,000

CTE student travel -$5,000

Technology instructional supplies -$5,000

Board of Education travel -$5,000

Cut 20 days from two 120 day contracts -$5,000

Director of Schools travel -$3,000

Director of Schools supplies and materials -$5,000

Director of Schools other charges employee celebration -$5,000

Office of the Principal travel -$5,000

Office of the Principal staff development -$5,000

Total budget cuts -$807,500