Ray Varner Ford to make donation to ACCTS

Ray Varner, in conjunction with Ford Motor Company, has secured a donation of a 2013 Ford Focus SE to be given to the Anderson County Career and Technical School.

The vehicle will be donated to the school to be used by all the students in Anderson County studying auto-mechanics and automotive repair to aid in their training and give them a newer, hands-on car to work with.

This donation comes on top of the work Ray Varner and Ford Motor Company already do with the Career and Technical Center. Currently, both companies have worked together to provide opportunities for up and coming auto technicians to take entry-level certification courses online so they can work toward getting certified before they even graduate and, hopefully, move on to work in a Ford dealership.

“We’re just all proud to be a community partner,” said Ray Varner. “We’re a big part of this community and we want to give back any way we can.

Stuff like this not only helps the kids and gives them more hands-on experience, but it helps us too. These guys very well might end up working here one day, and we want them to be the best technicians they can be.”

Ford Motor Company is also sending representatives to the donation ceremony. The official donation will take place on Thursday at 10:30 a.m. at the Anderson County Career and Technical Center.