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Lady Mavs keep winning

AC beat out Farragut on Thursday, Aug. 22. The game took place at AC, giving the Mavs the home field advantage. The final scores for the sets were 25-20, and 25-12 respectively, both in favor of Anderson County. The second game of the night was against Concord Christian, and both sets resulted in a final score of 25-23 against the Mavs.

The first set (against Farragut) was a nailbiter, with both teams having very good aggression. A number of plays ended with both teams fighting directly over

the net, trying desperately to push it past the other team’s defenses while players made walls over the net of their own hands, trying to keep it back. Blue and white against white and blue, the colors blending together as both teams crowded close to the net.

Anderson County fought hard, though, and pulled ahead at the very end of the first set, managing to reach the score limit right as it seemed Farragut was beginning to find their second wind. During the second set, that same inspiration fled from Farragut as they dropped point after point and the Mav’s used the momentum from their first win to squash Farragut in the second set, with a quick win and stark contrast in the scoreboard.

As the storms of the night rolled in outside, Anderson County took their places for the second game of the night against Concord Christian. They looked fatigued, but ready. Concord, in their burgundy, the Mavs in blue, they set up.

The game was even closer than that against Farragut and one wonders whether, if AC had played Concord first instead of second, the outcome may have been different. The teams scores stayed close, AC nipping at Concord’s ankles – never far behind.

In total, the game against Concord came to a grueling 96 plays before a winner was decided, with Concord managing to scratch out a win of 25-23 in both sets.

This game puts Anderson County at 2-3 for the season, but still 0-0 in conference play.