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Before you put up your Christmas tree ...

For Live Trees:

Hose off the tree to remove pollen and mold and let it dry before you bring it inside.

Wear gloves and long sleeves when carrying the tree to avoid sap touching your skin.

Wipe down the trunk of the tree with a solution of one part bleach, 20 parts lukewarm water.

For Artificial Trees:

Wrap the tree securely, store in a cool and dry place.

Wipe down the tree and ornaments before setting up.

Reduce the amount of spray snow to frost your tree and windows. Aerosolized chemicals can cause irritant reactions in the eyes, nose or lungs.

Dust off the decorations:

They’ve been stored away for 11 months in garages, basements or attics, which are known hangouts for mold and dust mites, and carrying many allergens.

Wipe those decorations off thoroughly with a damp cloth when you take them out of storage.

After the holidays, pack decorations in plastic bags or bins, not cardboard. Cardboard is notorious for collecting dust and promoting mold growth.

Stop the scented sprays and flocking.

Creating ambiance from a can could lead to irritated noses and throats, exacerbating respiratory issues.